We have launched “Abhayahastha” with the grace of god & guru’s blessings. Abhayahastha is for those who would like understand the Vedic Culture & Customs. Our vision is  to explore the science behind the Vedas, significance of Vedic culture & Customs. Our Mission is to provide knowledge about the history of various Vedic dieties, Vedic Mantras to bring positivity in life, Vratha to perform respects, Rudraksha, Aura etc.

​Our endeavor is to bring light to the cultural practices and procedures by unearthing the underlying true message to humanity

 “Abhayahastha’s” motto is to..

1. Trying to give authentic and accurate information to the world 

2. Transparent by providing source references (unless restricted)

3. Community with social responsibility 

4. Be an open source for learners